Social-Commerce Sharing Platform+
in Southeast Asia

Malaysia’s e-Commerce platforms claimed to free online merchants from chains of geographic locations and help businesses to reach a broader range of customers nationally and globally. Regardless of the platform concept, e-Commerce in Malaysia acts as just an online marketplace that provides buying and selling of goods or services with minimal in-depth integrations.

Launched in 2020, built on the idea of collaborative consumption that connects 3 key elements into 1: Social, Community, and e-Commerce, Bullmart is designed to adopt a brand new Social-Commerce Sharing Platform+.

Why Bullmart ?

Compelling Growth Rate

Malaysia will see a great growth in e-commerce sales, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 20%

Mutually Beneficial

A social marketplace that caters to both sellers and consumers, creating a balance that is beneficial to the business ecosystem

Moving With Technology

Bullmart combines people and management with technology to provide a systematic advancement of social marketplace development

Our Team

The team of professional experts behind the birth of Bullmart